''I Was Fired By A Travel Agency.
This Guide Is My
Revenge! "

I was a hard-working travel agent for many years before they fired me for sticking it up to them! Now, I'm out for revenge with my own explosive guide on how you YOU can finally gain an edge over the airlines and travel the world for less!


"It's so easy for me to fly for less, it's like taking candy from a helpless baby! My jaw drops every time I see others just like you pay for outrageously-priced tickets. The good news is, you don't have to spend a fortune to fly any more. At last, the shocking truth is revealed in my explosive guide on how you can finally travel in luxury at mindboggling bargains!

Hi, my name is Tony Chau.


I was a top-performing travel agent for many years before my company dropped me like a hot potato because I wouldn't pay them an outlandish fee to continue bringing them business. I booked countless travelers for them every year and brought the agency hundreds of thousands in business with my tireless work...

But none of that mattered. The greedy travel company insisted that I must pay a silly yearly fee just to keep my agent status active. Just think about it: I brought to them hundreds of thousands in business from travelers all over the world. But they're still hell-bent on making me pay a yearly fee just to continue bringing them business?

Oh hell no!

I sucked it up the first few years and paid them their preposterous fees to keep my travel agent account active. But as one of the top-performing agents in the company, I sure as hell had already paid my dues after some years.

I finally told them to stick it!

Predictably, the travel agency fired me from my post. I promised them hell.

Now, revenge is on my mind! I've worked for the airlines' side for years and brought them untold business from my travelers all over the globe.

Now, I want to be on your side. Let this fired travel agent expose to you the deepest, darkest secrets on how to fly for less that the airlines don't want you to know!

Check out the tens of thousands in business that I brought to the travel company as one of the top performing travel agents:

$33,511.28 in travel that I booked for my travel agency in just a single day!

$16,675.84 in travel that I booked in just a single day!

I earned a damn good living as a travel agent. Now, I want to leave all of this behind. I've worked for the airlines for long enough. Now, I want to finally be on your side and work for you!

With the grand release of "Save On Airfare: The Definitive Guide To Flying For Less", you'll gain instant access to my most closely guarded secrets on how to finally travel at a bargain!




Here's just a tiny sneak-peek preview of the astonishing fly-for-less secrets you can expect to discover in my eye-opening guide:

Airlines' booking statistics that they've been tight-lipped about for decades

The ultimate loophole on how to transfer a non-transferable airline ticket!

The step-by-step secret method on how to predict the future prices of all airfares

How to buy airfare tickets at astonishing bargains from agents who typically only market to undocumented immigrants looking to get a cheap flight back to their home country.

My definitive guide on how to buy dramatically reduced airfare tickets right at the airport. Warning: do this on your own, and you'll likely just end up paying much more for your ticket. To grab a ticket at the airport for cheap, you must know exactly the obscure location to look, and know the magic words to say to the airline agent!

How to cancel your airfare ticket without getting charged!

How to get premium TV and movies on your plane's TV screen that you normally have to pay for, all free!

How to knock $100 right off of your next ticket!

How to take advantage of airline companies' ticket pricing systems giving up to thousands of discounts on tickets! For example, it could be possible to get a $1,143 ticket for $143 by exploiting loopholes in their computer systems, and I'll expose to you how!

How to completely skip the long cab lines once you land and secure for yourself a cheap instant taxi to take you home right away!


How to completely skip the long lines at airport security and be right in front of everyone!

How to take max advantage of the airlines if your flight is delayed. 

What's not on your ticket that airlines will never tell you 

How to fly in first-class for free!


I'll expose every truth there is about buying tickets online. Be warned: this truth might literally scare you!

Astounding secret on how you can earn free vouchers for airfare tickets just from making a phone call and knowing what to say to the agent. These vouchers can be all free, but you need to know the magic words to say. I’ll reveal to you exactly what these magic words are!

The very best credit card to use for reward miles on your airfare!

How to use your reward miles for the best bang for your buck! Here's a hint: Never, ever redeem your reward miles for free flights! I have a top-secret method that you can use to redeem those reward miles for about 10 times their normal value! 

The disgusting secrets about flight attendants that they will never tell you. Here's a hint: Flight attendants try to purposely delay flights, and I have the shocking secret you wouldn't believe!

The only airfare-booking website that you should use when you're flexible with your schedule that can save you massive discounts on your flights!

Forgot to bring your phone charger? Don't spend a dime at the airport's charging station. I'll expose to you a little known method to get airports to give you a phone charger for you to keep for free! You just need to know where to go, and the magic words to say.

How to gain complimentary access to those luxurious airport lounges!

The secret loophole to gain elite status at the major airlines in the quickest possible way so that you can travel in luxury!

How to secure Wi-Fi access on your airplane at a discount

How to secure Wi-Fi access on your airplane completely free!

The loophole on getting travel insurance every time you fly - for free!

How to sit in the comfortable emergency exit row seats with plenty of leg room for free!


The secrets about the food airlines serve you during your flight that they keep hidden!

Did you know that airline companies send out hundreds of discounted promotion deals every single day? I have all the confidential secrets on you can get access to them all!

Twelve dirty little tricks to knock off hundreds on your airfare ticket

My jaw-dropping secret on how you can earn free travel rewards without ever even flying at all.

How airline companies steal millions of dollars from consumers each year by taking advantage of customer unawareness and how to avoid falling into this evil trap


How to get FREE upgrades on car and hotel rentals

Do you travel internationally? I've got a nasty secret on how you can save a fortune on your international flights!

A secret alteration you can do with your name that can end up saving up to thousands!

The mind-boggling truth on foreign airlines vs U.S.-based airlines

My definitive guide on how to beat jet lag

The two rules of thumb that will always guarantee you the lowest airfare costs

How to get luggage carts in the baggage claim areas for free! These carts normally cost $4+ each


A secret method you can use to get free food during your flight!

A legal bait-and-switch method travel companies knowingly use to fool customers into overpaying for their tickets! Let me expose this silly trick to you before you get taken for thousands!

The BEST time to start planning your trip

One of the little expenses of travel that will quickly add up to huge costs: tipping! – I have a scheme you can use to eliminate the cost of tipping entirely without causing hard feelings!

There’s a website out there that sells airfare deals at such low prices that the airline companies have banned them from advertising to anyone what they’re selling!  I’ll tell you exactly what this website is, and how to spot these obscure deals that are so much of a bargain that the airlines have made it against the law for the website to publicize these deals!

The shocking truth about travel agents vs airline agents that neither will ever tell you 

My foolproof legal method on how to bring lots of alcohol on your plane and drink your own booze without paying $10+ per drink to the attendant!


How to pay less than everybody else even after you’ve stepped foot off of your flight!

The hidden fees that airlines try to hide from you, and how to avoid them.

How to make one simple phone call to an agent and potentially receive piles of discounts on your ticket!

How most buyers waste their time searching for cheap tickets at the wrong places, and how you can avoid it

Methods on how airlines determine discounts. If you know their discount procedure, then you'll know how to get cheaper tickets!

How to travel for FREE by booking your flight on specific dates

How to travel for FREE on any dates!

Did you know that according to what age range you are in, you may be eligible to shave off discounts on your ticket?

Airlines' special discount programs that you never knew about

How to save a fortune right off your ticket!

Get this: airlines can even PAY YOU to travel if you know what to say to them

The KEY to traveling for cheap, and how to use this knowledge to turn even the most luxurious flights into the biggest bargains!

How airlines literally rob from the unprepared traveler, and how to stick it to them by staying far away from this disgusting trap

Airlines' pricing test experiments they've never publicly revealed! Knowing this alone can save you up to hundreds off your ticket!

How to bargain for dirt-cheap prices on tickets

Did you know that airline companies get hit with heavy losses every single year due to pricing glitches? I'll explain why and how you can exploit and abuse this benefit to the fullest and potentially score for yourself an insane amount of discount on your airfare!

What to always check for before buying your ticket.  Ignoring this advice can end up costing you hundreds!

My shocking secret on how YOU can use a little-known method to purchase all your travel equipment (such as luggage) at employee-level discounts and save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your traveling gears!


The little-known truth about prices posted on big travel sites that most people are never aware about

A never-before-released record of airline system breakdowns that will leave you utterly shocked!

One false line airline agencies claim to make travelers fall for it all the time, only to later find out that they've been had!  Don't fall for this one!

How to make piles of money out of just a short trip abroad to any country in the world.

When to book your flight on specific days of the week to receive discounted tickets.

My jaw-dropping secret on how you can travel to countries that you’ve been denied-entry to!

The magical time of the day when you can go online and expect to find fares at bargain prices!


How to exploit a strange bug in the search engines of major airline travel websites and potentially save hundreds off your flight!

What days of the week to stay over on your flight to wildly lower the price of your ticket

International flights secrets all exposed!

How to obtain special access to the cheapest bargain tickets hours before anyone else can see them!

The hard-to-believe truth about booking higher classes nobody told you about

When to fly during specific days of the year to get insanely discounted tickets

How to save a big sums of money when traveling with a child

How to become a travel agent yourself and save thousands on your tickets every year!

All the secrets about reservations that airlines keep their mouths quiet about

The one magic question to ask travel agents to get a cheap ticket. There are many ways to start off a conversation with a travel agent.  There is, however, only one magic question you should always start your conversation with for the best chance of getting the biggest bargain!

How to get an additional 5% discount off of your airfare ticket just by knowing what time of the day to make a phone call to the airline.

Learn about the routings of air travel and how to amass a fortune of airfare savings by exploiting that knowledge!

How to get free lodging at the airport

How to get free lodging everywhere else!

Here's something airlines didn't want you to know: About half of your airfare options aren't even displayed to you when you search for a flight.  I'll tell you why the airlines refuse to display these flight options, and best of all, a shocking secret how you can make those flight options appear and book yourself a potentially incredible airfare bargain!

The secret that no working travel agent ever wants anybody to know, EXPOSED! – I’ll reveal to you exactly how travel agents are paid, and how to use this newfound insider knowledge to bargain yourself a cheap flight on your next conversation with a travel agent!

The myths of the airline industry and I will debunk them all

How to get a last minute flight and still potentially save huge!

How to travel completely free at someone else's expense 

A cool-as-ice trick on how to knock away hundreds in discounts on your ticket by booking your flight on hidden versions of fare-booking websites that are only revealed to certain target groups of the population, and never advertised to you!

How to save on a business-class ticket

A dangerous food item that airlines knowingly serve to passengers during every flight, and why you should never, ever consume it!

The secret about first-class airfare that airlines wouldn't admit!

How to find out what ticket offers Priceline recently accepted, and how to spoil yourself silly using that advantage!

Travel programs that offer boatloads of discounts on your flight

I'll expose to you the exact days and times of the month, down to the last second when airlines update their fares.  Knowing this will allow you to be the first to jump on new flight deals before anyone else could have access to them.  This method can knock off considerable amounts on your ticket prices every time!

An astonishing trick you can do to secure vast discounts on your ticket when flying to multiple destinations around the world

How you may be able to get big sums of compensation money from airline companies when you fly.


A secret website that can provide mountains of savings on your airfare that you never knew about!

How to get airlines to provide you with free coupons to free food, cab fares, hotels, and more!

Places around the world in every country and city where you can stay in for free during your travel!  They're probably trashy places nobody would ever want to live in, right? Totally wrong!  These places are typically better than hotels, and of course the best part: they're completely free!

How to outsmart and exploit an unknown flaw in Priceline's website to unlimitedly rebid for your airfare bargain!

An international traveling danger that we forget most often of all – and how to protect yourself from this foolish risk before it happens!

How to bypass the maximum allotted period for flight reservations that airlines impose on you

How to turbo-charge the baggage check-out process!

A hard-to-believe truth about air & hotel combo packages that might have you shake your head in total disgust! 

The old adage is true: time is money. I’ll tell you how to exit the plane faster than anyone else after landing!

Did you know that sites such as Travelocity actually publishes different prices on flights to you depending on your location? You'll be blown away once I explain to you how their pricing models work, and the nasty secret on how you can ensure to never again pay a dime extra above their lowest pricings

A full list of rarely-known companies that will sell you airfare tickets for dirt cheap prices!

My amazing secrets on how to get FREE first class upgrades!



I’ll reveal to you the truth about the most dangerous airlines in the world, and what has happened with these airlines that they’ve tried to keep secret about over the years!

A sneaky method on how you can obtain a standby-seat

Did you know that airlines will occasionally offer extraordinarily low prices on flights that are either flukes, errors, or as a result of price war competitions? They do, and I'll expose to you the secrets on how you can be the first one to jump on them (because these never last long!)

The obscure airfare discount programs that you can take advantage of to save up to thousands!

How to make the most out of your trips and turn a budget flight into a dream vacation! 

Are you a student? I'll tell you how to save even more money on your ticket that airlines don't want you to know!

My unbelievable secrets on how you may be able to make more income than a regular job, all by just exploiting the tricks of international traveling.

Did your flight get cancelled? I have some of the most amazing information on what you can do to take huge advantages of both airline as well as hotel companies when this situation happens

How to eliminate the hours of waiting during your connecting flights!




How to save tons of money on airport parking!

How to obtain complete access to the history of major airline companies' airfare prices over extended periods of time. Agents use this tool to predict prices of future tickets. I'll reveal how you can do it too!

I not only saved hundreds on my airfare ticket, but the airline also gave me a free stay at a hotel.  I'll tell you exactly how I did it, and how you can too!

How to make free phone calls from abroad

Are you traveling with your family? I'll tell you the best place to buy your tickets for dirt cheap pricings

How to access the cheapest flight deals from up to hundreds of major airline companies in a flash!

How to get access to the biggest travel bargain deals of the week

Many agents used a top secret fare searching utility to search for flights.  For the first time ever, I will reveal to you the confidential information on how you can access this same fare searching utility at no cost.

How to book your own flights and save huge! 

The true secrets on travel insurance that no currently employed travel agent would ever have the courage to tell you!

Are you between the age of 18-22? Here's how to fly for cheap!

How to receive free admissions to various attractions around the world when you travel, such as Universal Studios, theme parks, restaurants, etc.

Hidden charges that airline companies stab you with and how to eradicate them


Learn about the competition wars at airports, and how to fully take advantage of this phenomenon to save big on your ticket!

The startling truth about those duty-free shops at the airports

How to access courtesy upgrades and discounts while traveling

My full tipping guide that covers all aspects of tipping during your travel

The federal government has set a certain limit on how much airlines can be held liable for a lost or damaged baggage.  I’ve got a nasty secret on how you can hold them liable beyond this limit if your baggage ever gets lost!

How to do price comparisons of all major airline companies in a flash!

A secret travel ID card that you can use to knock off big discounts on your flights!  I'll tell you where and how to obtain this special travel card that few are aware of!

How to get hundreds of discount-saving coupons for your airfare travels sent to you every year! 


When to book your flight at specific times of the day to enjoy staggering discounts

How to potentially knock massive discounts off your ticket when traveling internationally

The dirty tricks airlines will play on you to squeeze out every pocket change you have and how to avoid it.

Did you know that according to what kind of profession you are in, you may be eligible to receive heart-thumping amounts of discounts on your ticket?

The one and ONLY airfare saving software that you should ever install on your computer

How to minimize your chances of flight delays and make the best out of your travel time

How airlines could skyrocket airfare prices on certain days that an unwary traveler would never see coming, and how to sidestep away from this scary hike


When to book that international flight for a kick-butt rate!

I'll expose to you the incredible secrets about illegal flights that are prohibited to be advertised by any airline agency, and how you can actually book these flights through a supremely-guarded hidden method! 

An astounding trick you can perform to skip waiting in the long check-in lines at the airport! 

Travel newsletter secrets airlines wish you never knew!

How to access secret bonus promotions that airlines offer and never advertise anywhere!

The secret of the "first fare quote" that travel agents have buried out-of-sight from the public.  I'll divulge it all to you!

Did you miss your flight? Here’s my insider-formula on what to say to the airline to get them to honor your flight anyway.

The astonishing secret on how to receive a portion of the price you paid for your ticket credited right back to you!

How to receive FREE VIP Treatment on your travel! 

How to obtain secret flight deals that are not even accessible by most travel agents themselves!

How to properly make a complaint to the airline company when things go wrong and receive a monster discount off your next flight!

How to get free maid services, food, etc.  while traveling

Places in your local city that offer wildly discounted airline tickets and never advertise to anybody about them!

The hidden excuse you can tell to the airline to avoid paying taxes on your airfare tickets. I’ll tell you exactly what this excuse is which can end up saving you hundreds!

Airlines' ticket pricing behavior and how you can exploit it to your advantage

Mind-boggling secrets on how you can get airlines to prioritize your reservations for no extra costs

A hidden cost of travel everybody forgets about, and how to turn that obscure cost into tremendous savings on your next flight!

The common travel scams that exist and how to steer clear away before you get taken for thousands! 

A $2 item you can buy that can save you up to thousands on your flight – and you’d never guess what it is!



 Plus much, MUCH MORE!

I've barely even scratched the surface of all that's exposed in "Save On Airfare: The Definitive Guide To Flying For Less"

Own a copy of my Save on Airfare Secrets guide today and I'll also throw in my Good Seats Guide, showing you how to exploit the unthinkable loopholes of airlines' booking systems that you can abuse to grab the best seat on your flight!


Expect to discover:

My top secret on the best airplane to fly on for the most comfortable ride

A bald-faced lie that airlines tell you about seat assignments, and how to use their own lie to your advantage to potentially get yourself a premium seat for free!

How to get a business or first class seat at a steep discount!

Secret reference to complete graphical seating displays of all the major airlines to give you unprecedented advantages in your seat selection


How to lock in a good seat without any extra costs by using a little-known seat selection method

Airlines' seat filling behavior and how to fully exploit the system

How to ensure better seats by booking your flight at specific times of the day

How to make a simple 5 minute phone call and ensure for yourself the best seat for free

If you travel together with another person, here's one amazing trick how you can assure that both of you will be getting the best seats

How to steal the good seats away from the passengers who reserved them before you ever did!

How to ensure you’ll have the most comfortable seat on every flight! 

Even if it's too late, and all else failed, I'll show you one last secret method you can use to obtain the best seat in the house!

And that's not all yet!

Claim your access today, and you'll also receive my eye-popping new bonus: "The Genius Guide to Packing a Luggage." In this powerful manual, I'll expose to you the secrets on how to pack a luggage like a pro with my genius techniques! Packing a luggage efficiently can mean the difference between paying a hefty fee to check in your luggage, or being able to carry it onto your plane for the massive free savings! Follow the genius techniques in my manual and you can be savings hundreds on discount from having to check your bag!


Expect to discover:

Inventive ways to utilize spaces in you luggage that you never thought of!

The genius method on how to pack a belt

How to keep all items in your luggage clean

How to prevent your luggage from falling over

How to double the space in your luggage with one cunning trick!

The proper way to pack liquids

How to prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled!

How to keep all of your clothes feel, smell, and look fresh!

How to save time matching up outfits with my ingenious way of packing your clothes

My complete packing checklist of every item you should bring along with your flight to ensure a painless trip!


And that's still not all! Own your copy of my guide today, and I'll even toss in my Hotel Reservation Secrets manual. Don't be the chump who overpays for your hotel bookings. Discover my eye-opening secrets of the hotel industry that can have you harvest untold savings on all of your future hotel stays!


During your hotel stay, there are certain things you should pay for using cash, and certain things you should pay for using your credit card. I'll tell you what, and the shocking reason why following my guideline could save you hundreds!

How you can save 50% on your stay at a hotel if you tell them of a certain situation

How to receive free gifts from hotels

An astounding trick you can do to skip waiting in the long check-in lines at the hotel! 

An even more astonishing trick you can do to completely skip waiting in the long check-out lines after your hotel stay! 


How to potentially get a free hotel stay by knowing what to say to the clerk!

What days of the week to stay over on your reservation for considerable savings

How to bargain for dirt cheap prices on reservations

How to exploit a major loophole in Priceline's website to get extraordinary discounts on your hotel stay

Amazing secrets on how to get FREE upgrades to the next quality class


How to access secret bonus promotions that hotels offer and never advertise anywhere!

What the hotels never tell you about your hotel bill

A truly astonishing scheme on how you can not only get a free upgrade on your hotel suite, but also free meals and expensive wine for little costs!

How to get amazing deals on hotels even if you're booking the last minute 

What to do after making your reservation to potentially knock off even more discounts on your stay!

How to receive expedited food service on your hotel stay at no further costs!

An astounding method to get the hotel to give away coupons and gift certificates to you at no costs!

How to grab free meals, transportations, and various other services at no costs from the hotel


A secret website that can save you a boatloads of money on hotel reservations that you never knew about! 

When to book your reservations on specific days of the week to receive bigger discounts!

An amazing secret how you can receive a 25% discount off your hotel bill

 When to book your reservation for the best prices

The magic questions to ask the hotel clerk to obtain cheap reservations

How to receive hair-raising discounts on your reservation based on your profession

How to shave off hundreds on your hotel bill

How to access the cheapest hotel deals from hundreds of major reservation companies in a flash! 

How to discover what hotel reservation offers Priceline recently accepted, and how to fully take advantage of this confidential information and get yourself a cheap hotel stay!

I'm not done yet! I'll even chuck in my Car Rental Secrets manual with no strings attached! Here, you'll gain instant access to all of my confidential tricks of the trade on obtaining incredible bargains on car rentals. I'll reveal all the hidden ways you can grab discounts, save, and snatch for yourself astonishing deals on your car rental!


How to never again pay a penny extra on gas!

How to get a refund on a non-refundable car rental reservation!

How to instantly be notified whenever your car rental reservation has gone down in price!

When to book your rental to ensure the best prices 

What to check for before making any decision. Don't fall for a simple mistake that everyone make!

Hidden policies that may end up costing you thousands!

My secret techniques on how to get days of free car rentals

How to get FREE upgrades on your car rental

How to receive 30%+ discount on your rental cars

How to squeeze out every ounce of discount on top of your already bargained deal!

How to find out what car rental offers Priceline recently accepted, and how to completely exploit this knowledge to your own advantage!

And here's the icing on the cake!

The Cruise Travel Secrets manual. That's right. My ridiculous firing from the travel agency has me so utterly fed up that I'm not about to leave any stones unturned on all the insider secrets of traveling for less! Own a copy of "Save On Airfare: The Definitive Guide To Flying For Less" today, and I'll also include my mind-blowing Cruise Travel Secrets manual to expose to you the unthinkable methods on how you can grab for yourself remarkable discounts on your cruise trips!


Expect to discover:

The magic questions to ask that can end up cutting your prices in half! 

When to book your cruise to ensure the best savings

The truths about supply and demand for cruise travel companies they wish nobody knew!

How to receive up to 50%-60% discounts off your cruise package!

A horrifying cruise crime that almost always go unreported. I’ll tell you what, why, and how you can safeguard yourself from this atrocity

The hidden costs of cruising and why you must know before it's too late!

A complete list of rarely-known companies that will sell you cruise packages for dirt cheap bargains! 

Charges that cruise travel agencies will never tell you up front, and how to find out before it's too late!

How to most effectively bargain for best prices on cruises

The scary truth about cruise insurance you never knew!

How to get insider deals on vacation packages and cruises

An insider secret on how you can go on cruises for free!

How to get portions of your cruise payment credited right back to you!


As if everything you're getting isn't already the best travel investment you'll ever make this year, I'll even toss in my Holiday Plus Travel Planner Software - at no extra costs!


Most of us spend a lot of time and money on our travel, yet rarely do we take the trouble to plan them properly. We almost invariably forget to do something beforehand or fail to pack something important. Often as not, we'll not get to see and do all the things that we wanted to, simply because of a lack of planning.

Holiday Plus Travel Planner is a quick and easy software that will help you plan all your holidays and trips through a selection of special forms, each specifically designed to help plan one aspect of your travel. Here's a list of the handy forms that you'll have access to with this great software tool:

A travel budget form to help you plan the finances of each trip.

A ready-made packing list form, providing a detailed list of common packing requirements as a starting point for you to quickly create a complete packing list, which you can use again and again for all your holidays and trips.

A travel itinerary form and daily itinerary form, providing a complete framework for you to plan out your holidays in detail.

An emergency information form to record information you might need in an emergency, so it's easily at hand when you need it most.

A photo tracking form for recording all the photos you've taken during each trip.

And To Top It All Off!

I'm including a complete set the Seven Language Phrase Guides with your purchase.


Learn to speak basic phrases such as: 'My Name Is', 'How Are You?', 'What Is Your Name?', 'I Don't Understand', 'Do You Speak English?', and many more In 7 different languages: Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Swedish, and Romanian. 

Access the vowels, consonants, and diphthongs pronunciation tables for all 7 languages 

Learn how to speak basic words such as: colors, time, days of the week, numbers, and more for each language!

Learn helpful traveling phrases such as how to hail a cab, how to ask questions regarding bus and train travel, and great phrases to help you ask for directions for all 7 languages

Learn how to ask about hotel accommodations, how to order specific meals and drinks in a restaurant, and even question about what types of payments are accepted in each of the 7 language!


"That’s incredible Tony! But how much is all this going to cost?"


Before you even start thinking about how much my "Save On Airfare: The Definitive Guide To Flying For Less" manual will cost you, I want you to first think about how much my guide can save you. After all, it’s tough to attach a price tag on something if you don’t first consider its potential return on your investment, and how it can pay off for you over time.


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